AN NGO WORKS on peace culture and spiritual ideas


 Life is a journey from being to becoming, from budding into blossoming. Life has great potentials , intrinsic beauty of its own .but unbridled consumerism and violence are eating into the vitals of contemporary society. The trend now is to appreciate wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without service and rights without responsibilities. To overcome this vicious circle, we must find an equitable balance between materialism and morality and strive for awakening of the soul.

This world is a manifestation of diversity, but flowing underneath is the thread of unity which, if properly nurtured, can bring cultural integration, functional co-operation, contributing to the cause of peace, harmony and development. Hence cultural and spiritual upbringing has immense significance in equipping man in his march for a higher level of civilized existence.

What is needed is a change in our behavior, attitudes and beliefs. We have to come out of the spiritual vacuum. But who will lead us out ? the answer is All of us.

Manjit Dada